showering South West London with gravy love

The wheels of the gravy train began spinning in September 2013, first stop Battersea Rise. Since then we have successfully opened further restaurants in South West London. With multiple pop ups, Latitude Music Festival 2018 and National Burger Day 2015 -18 under our belt the future for Dip & Flip looks juicy and exciting. We specialise in roast meat sandwiches dipped in gravy (Dip) and flat griddle smashed burgers (Flip).



Roasted topside of west country beef or shoulder of lamb, thinly sliced, dipped in gravy and served in a fresh bread roll. You get extra gravy on the side to dip the whole sandwich in and get as wet as you like.



the sign & (standing for and)



West country beef, forerib, chuck, and a little added fat make our 180g patties. They are then smashed onto our imported chrome griddle, which is super hot, sealing in the flavour and creating a wonderful crust, so no flavour is lost on our grill. Served in a soft brioche bun with French's mustard, ketchup, American cheese, cabbage slaw and pickles.



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